Marine LPG Certifcations

The Plumbing Guru holds Marine LPG Certifications to help remove the risk of fire on board your vessel. You can rely on us to take your family's safety as seriously as you do and we meet all the gas safety requirements.

We take pride in meeting all Marine LPG Certifications when we install and service:

  • gas bottles
  • regulators
  • appliances
  • piping
  • and valves.

Incorrect installation or defective appliances can spell catastrophe on your boat. That's why Marine LPG Certifications require that all gas fittings on boats comply with AS/NZS 5601.2.2013, no matter where the boat was built. It is applicable to all inland or seafaring watercrafts, including runabouts, house-boats, cabin cruisers, motorboats, yachts, trailer-sailers, work-boats and motor-sailers.

Our Marine LPG Certifications cover the following services:

  • LP gas supply installation, refitting of complete marine systems, including hot water systems, reticulation piping, gas bottles, boat cooktops, stove tops, boat pizza ovens, barbecue grills, gas regulators and valves.
  • Gas safety inspections to ensure the safety of your family and your boat. We will ensure that your boat is compliant with AS/NZS 5601.2.2013 during a full safety audit.
  • Gas compliance testing and certification of any boats that contain gas appliances and fixtures. This test includes an LP gas leak test of your appliances and Australian gas safety standards compliance.

Only experienced, licensed gas fitters with the appropriate knowledge of the Australian regulations and standards may offer Marine LPG Certifications. Speak to us today to ensure your boat meets the standards.