The Plumbing Guru offers a wide range of landscaping plumbing products and solutions for domestic and commercial turf projects, including maintenance and irrigation for:

●    golf courses
●    sports grounds
●    public areas
●    residential subdivisions

Over the years, we have built strong relationships with property managers, golf course curators and councils, and we have established a name for ourselves as the number one provider of landscaping plumbing services. 

Landscaping Plumbing Services Overview

Our services include the following - :

Sports Grounds

We focus on creating and maintaining well-designed irrigation systems to provide water efficiency from a reliable source of supply, while at the same time minimising maintenance and labour costs. We service:

●    golf courses
●    tennis courts
●    bowling greens
●    soccer pitches
●    rugby fields
●    cricket and football ovals

School Yards

The Plumbing Guru can help maintain the aesthetics of your school yard or university grounds as well as parks and public gardens in this time of water restrictions and droughts. 

Pumping & Filtration Systems

Let us help you choose the correct pumping and filtration component for your irrigation system. Whether you need a system for small landscape or a sophisticated system for a golf course, our skilled technicians will help you create a design that suits your needs and your budget.

Central Control Systems

A central control system can help you manage the volume and timing of irrigation across a multitude of applications. With many different available options, we can help you find the one that will best suit your needs and your budget. 

The Plumbing Guru stocks a range of sprinklers, pumps and monitoring equipment from leading brands. Our technicians are all trained and certified, and carry brand accreditation for all the systems we install and maintain. 

Contact us today to discuss your landscaping plumbing needs.