Construction and Industrial Plumbing

You can rely on the Plumbing Guru team for all your Construction and Industrial Plumbing requirements. Having worked in the industry since 1993, we have the skills and experience required to cater to your specific needs. So whether you're building, renovating or expanding, the Plumbing Guru can assist with water, sanitation and drainage plumbing design, as well as installation and repair of potable water lines, pipe welding, backflow prevention and cooling, hot tapping and cooling modules. 

Construction and Industrial Plumbing Services

Call the Plumbing Guru when you need any of the following construction and industrial plumbing services, repairs or installations.

Plumbing Design:  Water / Drainage / Sanitary

Our plumbing design service for construction and industrial water, sanitation and drainage applications include:
●    plumbing design for new site set-ups
●    plumbing design for mining camp accommodations
●    installation of arresters for laboratory waste neutralisation
●    oil/water separator design and installation
●    design and installation of sewage effluent disposal systems

Potable Water Lines

We provide specialised potable water pipe line installation for industrial purposes, including:

●    uPVC
●    copper nickel
●    stainless steel
●    polyethylene

Poly Pipe Welding

The Plumbing Guru team specialises in poly pipe, because we believe it offers you the best value for money. Poly piping materials have a longer service life than other piping materials, and welding ensures better long-term connections. This is a cost-effective solution for both new and existing installations alike.

Backflow Prevention

We can help you prevent hazardous materials being fed back into the water mains and contaminating your water supply by installing non-return valves and by reducing pressure zones. 

High Pressure Jet Cleaning

Plumbing Guru can apply torpedo pipe cleaning to a range of services. Using air pressure driven projectiles, we will clean the internal walls of your piping by remove:

●    clogs
●    blockages
●    built up materials
●    scale 
●    and bacterial growth

Industries and construction companies around Australia rely on The Plumbing Guru's expertise in construction and industrial plumbing. Get in touch with us today to discuss your specific needs. TEL: 0412 430 820 Email: